TNR Trust x EWD


The TNR trust is a non profit organization that takes care of vaccination and sterilization of dogs and cats. This with the aim of reducing rabies in Kenya. They also focus on education by giving tips and tricks to the public, especially children. 



The previous version of website of TNR Trust was made with old software and looked outdated. The trustees wanted EWD to create a refreshing design, clean up the website and an increased focus on the pets up for adoption. They also wanted more focus on the user experience itself, since the old website performed quite badly on that end. 


The website resulted in a fresh light and easy to navigate website, with an easy to use overview with all the pets that are up for adoption. The website has different calls to action. The admin of the website can easily add pets up for adoption, new campaigns and blog posts to the website. EWD set up a system whereby some pages of the website are dynamic so the client does not have to change the actual website when they want to add different posts. 


Essential Web Design added a feature on the client’s website whereby the visitor  can easily spot the new arrivals and the vehicles that are on the way to Kenya. This is an automatic feature based on the date that the vehicle was added by the stock manager and the subsequent category given to the newly added vehicle. 



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